How Do You Raise a Happy, Healthy, Caring Child in Today's World?

Every parent strives to raise a healthy child. Teaching children to care, not only about themselves, but also about others, is one of the surest ways to help kids maintain good health through being happy and well adjusted. Our children are the joy of our lives and the hope for our future - two great reasons to teach them how to balance their own needs with the needs of those around them. In this regard, we parents can use some help in guiding our children.

The book, Teaching Kids to Care gives parents a fresh and comprehensive framework that helps them raise children to be not only "good kids," but also kids who are "good" to others. This book goes right to the heart of our concerns today: engaging kids in positive behaviors and activities that will decrease boredom, feelings of alienation, self-centeredness, and violence – to name a few.

We are our children's most influential teachers. When parents or guardians help their children practice the five touchstones we talk about in this book - interdependence, connection, perspective, gratitude, and inspiration - they aid in building strong character and nurture young spirits. In short, our children will learn to care about others.

Teaching your children to care is the greatest gift you will ever give to them. Through your guidance and efforts, they will grow into competent, compassionate adults with admirable characters - the kind of people who naturally draw others to them, simply by being in their presence. Yes, you have the ability to make this kind of difference in your children’s lives and, in so doing, you - and your children—can also make the world a better place.

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